John Robie is an underrated figure in dance music. He worked closely with Arthur Baker on Afrika Bambaataa’s seminal hip-hop tracks “Planet Rock” and¬†“Looking for the Perfect Beat.”¬†Later in the decade, he co-produced “Shellshock” with New Order. In the most un-humble opinion of this writer, though, his greatest achievement is “One More Shot,” a 1982 dance tune credited to C-Bank that draws from what he did on “Planet Rock” and points to what he would do with New Order yet remains a completely different beast. Singer Jenny Burton belts pleas for another chance with such passion that it becomes the most intense of earworms, the sort of song that can spend days burrowing in your brain. The vocals are also spaced out well throughout the song’s eight minutes and 19 seconds, making it very DJ-friendly. It’s a perfect dance song and encapsulates the intertwining styles that morphed into freestyle.

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