Confession time: In 1987, when I wasn’t even old enough to go to the mall by myself, I was obsessed with Exposure, the debut album from Exposé. That cassette spent so much time in my Walkman that I knew every lyric on the album, much to the chagrin of family members who had to listen to me sing along on road trips. Exposé were aspirational, not just for fourth-graders in the San Fernando Valley but for ’80s dance artists. Exposurespawned four top-10 singles in the United States. The version of “Point of No Return” that’s on this album, though, isn’t the original. The song was initially released two years earlier with Alejandra Lorenzo, who left the group before the full-length debut, on vocals. The 1987 version was recorded with singer Jeanette Jurado, who remains a member of Exposé. The two versions are similar enough that it’s hard to make a call on which one is better. I prefer the more dynamic vocals on the 1987 version and the more club-oriented production of the 1985 version.

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