Today, India is best known as a salsa singer; she won a Latin Grammy for her album Intensamente con Canciones de Juan Gabriel in 2016. However, her 1990 debut solo record, Breaking Night, is the link between freestyle and house with production from Jellybean Benitez, “Little” Louie Vega and Mantronik. The standout cut from the album is the Benitez-produced “Dancing on the Fire” with its dramatic synth lines and India’s intense vocal workout. Originally released as a single in 1988, “Dancing on the Fire” is pretty late in the game for freestyle, which began to wane at the start of the ’90s, and the singer isn’t all that well-known for her work in this area. Outside of her salsa records, India is widely recognized in the house music world, particularly for the now-classic Masters at Work track “I Can’t Get No Sleep.”

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